Month: August 2017

What Is The Role Of Information Technology In Business Today?

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Success in any business is due to innovation and innovation is driven by information technology. There is no industry or company which has not benefited from digital technology even farmers are using computers for keeping track of production and procurement. IT has become a backbone of all businesses big or small. Business conducted is efficient and quick when you use video calling or video conferencing, virtual office network, etc. People who are reluctant to use technology in business will be left behind in the race.

IT drives the business as innovative apps along with enhanced data storage capabilities results in business with improved quality and productivity. Innovative technology has helped business in the following ways.

Helps to solve business problems: The core of any business is information. When the data that is available to the company is wrong, the business cannot succeed. However, with the help of enhanced hardware capabilities along with smart applications the data available to the business is well researched, analyzed and planned and hence this information along with the support of various tools and applications can solve complex business problems.

Better decision making: Market research is the key to success in any business. Through a robust research, the chances of critical decisions going wrong are less probable. Moreover, some decisions have to be taken at a short time to stay ahead, by using social media, online surveys, engaging in forums you get to gauge the customer mood to make better decisions by using technology.

Online marketing: Traditional marketing was more of a hit or miss type of marketing through newspaper ads and later Tv commercial ads where the customer preference was not taken into consideration. Now with online and digital marketing, there are various forms of advertising like SEO, PPC, etc. along with social media to target the audience who is more likely to use the products or the services. Social media has emerged as a significant game changer when it comes to marketing as you can find the needs of the user and compel them to buy with innovative marketing campaigns. You can also capture data of how many people clicked on the online advertisement to get to know how many people viewed it.

Better customer support: Existing and new customers are served better as they can get in touch with your business through multiple ways like phone, email, chat or through social media. There are also various industry forums in which your customers can contact you regarding the queries or complaints they have about your product. Apart from having customer friendly services, there are many applications which capture customer behavior and help you provide a better customer service.

Better productivity: Innovation in information technology not only helps you grow your business but also allows the employees in your company to work better through collaboration. Your sales team who are working in different locations can make critical decisions as they can use tools like video conferencing, virtual office and the likes. With the use of cloud applications, employees can access office software and data from anywhere using any device which helps improve their productivity.